Modalities of study for horn and trumpet

A- Full study
B- Kids Mode

C- Talonaries


* Modalities of study for trombone and tuba:
A- full study.

* Tuition fees can be found on the page of each chair.

FOR THE COURSE 2023-2024

AUDITIONS 2023-2024 

Audition by video : 
You can apply for the 2023-2024 academic year from now on with a video (uploaded to YouTube).

You will be informed within 48 hours if you have been accepted or not.

Audition face-to-face : 
Saturday, March 25, 2023.  10 to 13 hours.

At the headquarters: Calle Ciudad de Matanzas No 5 , 03 005 Alicante
Or via video (uploaded to Youtube) to the address:  

Deadline 23 March 2023

Invitation and obtaining of
“Beca Brass Academy  Great Talent” 2023-2024” 

Three full scholarships will be offered (one for each of the following specialities):


Requirements to apply for the Scholarship “Brass Academy Talent”

* No age limits.
*Scholarships will be awarded according to the score of the entrance exams (in front of the jury or video).

To obtain this scholarship, it is necessary to take exams in front of  jury  at the Academy’s headquarters on 25 March 2023 or send a video (uploaded to YouTube) before 23 March to the address: attaching the correctly filled-in application form and a digital photo on it.
The art committee decides on the basis of the musical evaluation whether the candidate can have access to one of the “Brass Academy Great Talent Scholarships” or not.

Students who have been accepted as full-time students and who are in possession of a scholarship from another institution to study at the Academy will not be eligible for the “Brass Academy Great Talent” scholarship.
* Scholarships are reserved for students who do not receive any other type of support.



At the end of the academic year of study at the Brass Academy Alicante, the artistic director of the Academy gives the student a Diploma of Studies according to the studies and modalities carried out.

 Full study mode

Trumpet , horn , trombone and tuba
It is aimed at students from 16 years old with vocational training objectives, who want a serious and intense instrumental study.
It is also aimed at professionals who are interested in perfecting their technique, their interpretation or who want to prepare with our internationally experienced teachers for competitions and tests nationally or abroad.
For this modality the academy offers individual classes, possibility to participate in metal groups with which it develops activity of concerts and orchestral repertoire.
In this modality, we attach particular importance to orchestral training and the development of an excellent technique.
Tuition fee: see details in each chair.

Payment methods for full study

1st instalment until 15 April 2022
Candidates admitted to the 2020 entrance exams must pay a minimum of 500 Euros for registration and reservation until 15 April 2023.
* This booking payment will not be refunded in case of cancellation by the
2nd installment: 500 Euros , until 30 June 2023.
3rd installment: the rest of the enrolment, before the day of September 25, 2023.

Methods of payment of tuition fees 

BIZUM: +34 658 575 136

Bank transfer:

Asociación Brass Academy de Alicante
IBAN ES1600494518192390009332
Banco Santander


* When making the transfer please do not forget to put in concept:
Name Instrument and your first and last name.
Send copy of the receipt by e-mail:


Only for horn and trumpet

* Technical refinement or preparation for orchestra tests or competitions.

5 classes talonarie “S”: 400 Euros
10 classes talonarie “M”: 800 Euros

* Valid only during the course 2022-2023
* Individual classes of 75 minutes with the professors of the chair
* Possibility to participate free of charge as a listening student in all Masterclasses and other classes at the Brass Academy Alicante.

* The talonaries must be paid at the moment
same as the inscription.


For former students of the Brass Academy who do not want to lose contact with the
* 200 Euros for year
Possibility to participate as an active musician in the ensembles of the Brass Academy Alicante (rehearsals and concerts) or as a free listener in all national and international masterclasses and classes.

* Invitation and free admission to Brass Academy concerts.
* Information by e-mail of all activities of the Academy.
* Support to the Academy with this amount.