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Summer Brass Festival Alicante



When we came to give courses in this region of Alicante 19 years ago, we were impressed by the number of wind-metal musicians, their great love for music and the young talent that exists.

Our project and dream of creating an academy specialized in training wind-metal professionals, over time found a warm welcome from citizens and students, committed to music and with ambitions to improve.

Thanks to this positive response, the interest of many students from all over Spain, Latin America and the rest of Europe, today the Brass Academy Alicante is a reality that we all want to last in time and develop positively.

Currently the headquarters of the Brass Academy Alicante is located in Finca Rabasa in the city of Alicante, where classes, masterclasses, rehearsals with the various ensembles of the Academy, national and international soloists and exhibitions are held.

Nury & Rudi