We are very happy to have you as our student in the next academic year 2022-2023
If you come from abroad we want to advise you on what you need to formalize your residence
in Spain if you are a foreigner.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any topic you have questions about Alicante and your stay in our city.
Our team will be at your disposal before and during the course to make your stay in Alicante and our Academy a positive and unforgettable experience.

When you prepare your trip to Spain keep these procedures in mind:

Student visa and NIE

Non-European international students must have a student visa from the first day of the course that allows them to process the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) to legally reside in Spain. It is a long process, for which it is advisable to go as soon as possible to the corresponding Spanish consulate, to find out about the documentation and deadlines necessary to obtain it.

In the case of having a student visa from another European country (Schengen), they must also process their residence in Spain and obtain their Spanish NIE during the first month of stay in the country.

Health insurance

European students must have a valid European health card for the entire course or take out private health insurance for the same period.

Underage students
If they are not accompanied by a guardian or one of their parents, they may designate a legal representative by means of a notarized document that proves it.

Living place
It is recommended that you live in Alicante City during your study period with us, if you do a full study.

Home searching …

One option is to get a home on the internet through these portals:



Alicante is an economical city ,compared to other regions of Spain.
And the prices are lower than those of most European cities.
We enclose an indicative price list for your personal calculations.

Coffee in a bar: € 1.20 – € 1.50
A newspaper: € 1.50 – 2,00 €
A liter of gasoline: € 1.00 (variable)
A taxi ride from the airport to the center: € 25 with a duration of 15 minutes
Average price for a shared house: 250 to 300 Euros per month.
Price in our student residence: 250 euros (all inclusive).
Alicante has an airport, train station (RENFE) and bus station. The prices are quite cheap compared to other European countries.

Hotels & Youth Hostel 

Hostal La Milagrosa
Villavieja Street, 8, 03002 Alicante
Telephone: 965 21 69 18

Chameleon Hostel Alicante
Pintor Gisbert, 46, Alicante, Spain

La Florida Youth Hostel
Avda.de Orihuela, 59
03007 Alicante
Telephone: 965 918 250 / Fax: 965 918 251
The price of the La Florida youth residence includes accommodation on a full board basis, and with access to all the facilities and services described.
The monthly price per person is € 463.50 in a single room, and € 459.00 in a double room.