( Cicerón)

This modality is to train you to teach.

Give you the necessary technical, didactic, stylistic tools what you will need in your environment to teach to children or to young people to master their instrument and become good musicians.

Modalities curso 2023-2024 
from September 2023 to June 2024

“Play and listen packages “

A / Includes 20 individual annual lessons / 1,200 Euros
B / Includes 10 individual annual lessons / 700 Euros

In addition to individual lessons, participation as a listener
in all classes taught in the academy (all our instrument’s lessons)

* If you don’t want to play in class, another possibility is to participate
“ONLY AS A LISTENER” of our masterclass and learn from our teachers
during a whole course at the Brass Academy Alicante (October to June)
(classes of any instrument)
Tuition fees / 800 Euros