Brass Academy KIDS!

Modality for children from 6 to 14 years old


At the Brass Academy Alicante we believe that in any artistic activity, the sooner children have quality training, the better and faster their musical and instrumental development will be.
That is why from their first notes they will be with us in excellent hands.
The Brass Academy Alicante will guide children between the ages of 7 and 14, laying in them a solid technical base and forming good musical taste at the most decisive moment of their development.

The beginnings in childhood are the most decisive moments in a person’s musical career, mistakes at the beginning are paid dearly throughout the entire training of an instrumentalist…


4 group classes per month of 60 minutes in groups of up to 5 children (taking into account their level) or individual classes.
In them they learn the basics of excellent technique and from the beginning they learn to play in groups and interact, creating artistic sensitivity in them from the beginning of their learning.

Our children also have the opportunity to listen to all the classes taught in our academy to the most advanced students and participate as listeners in all the Masterclasses of the international cycle, where an excellent teaching staff teaches.

CLASSES: October 1, 2023 to June 25, 2024

Registration open for the Course 2023-2024

Information and registration :


Asociación Brass Academy de Alicante
IBAN ES1600494518192390009332
Banco Santander

ENROLLMENT 2023-2024
Place reservation – registration: 50,- Euros.
Monthly costs : 80 Euros


Asociación Brass Academy de Alicante
IBAN ES1600494518192390009332
Banco Santander

positive effects of music on children

Many studies show the importance of music in intellectual growth, since it generates a lot of neural activity. It is the human stimulus that activates more parts of the brain. Contact with music from newborns and their musical development as they grow, whether singing or playing an instrument, have the following positive effects on children:

* Increased memory, attention and concentration
* Improved fluency of expression
* Easier to solve problems
* Development of balance, senses and muscles
* Enrichment of the intellect
* Increased sociability
* Implementation of routines
* Increased self-esteem