* Academy of Higher Studies for Brass Instruments.

The Brass Academy Alicante is an educational-cultural institution which is financially supported by the collaboration of both public and private sector entities.

Our objectives

Professional training from top orchestral musicians and soloists:
Preparation for auditions for national and international orchestras;
Preparation for successful presentations at national and international competitions;
Chamber music;
Participation in the various brass ensembles of the Academy;
Specialized library and media for studies;
Regular concerts to demonstrate the brass repertoire.

How we work
In order to meet the above objectives, the Academy currently has a staff of seven fixed teachers in the disciplines of trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba and chamber music. We also frequently benefit from the participation of international guest lecturers, in order to offer specialized courses (Masterclasses).

Besides individual weekly lessons (technique and repertoire), students have access to chamber music classes. Students are part of three dedicated brass ensembles: “Ensemble Brass Academy Alicante”, “Academy Symphonic Brass” and “Brass Academy Horns”, with which they perform regular concerts.

There are important examples of advanced music “Academies” that have been operating internationally for decades in exceptional ways, and have been a hotbed of national and international stars such as the “Yehudi Menuhin Academy” in Gstaad (Switzerland), the “Karajan Akademie” in Berlin, the “Music Academy of the West” or the “Reina Sofía School” in Madrid (with which the Academy Brass has always had an agreement of artistic collaboration).

It is important to state that this Academy is based on complementarity. Its objectives are approached not as an alternative, but as a supplement to the work done in the field of conservatories, on a regional and national level.

The activity of the Academy focuses on the points that do not receive the deserved attention in other existing music schools.

In the Brass Academy, we focus on pedagogical activity which is the preparation of the student-musician (which is not always paramount in other centers).  In some cases, they may join a professional symphony orchestra, and we also aim to maximize their capacity for playing chamber music and to prepare them as future teachers.

An important objective of ours is to develop not only the technical, but also the student’s artistic sensibility. We try, whenever possible, to promote young performers and students of brass instruments by performing regular brass music concerts, which is a very important activity in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia because of the vibrant and widespread culture of wind bands.

Analysis of the needs of the Region
The province of Alicante is known for the large number of young people who are dedicated to playing brass instruments and for its tremendous tradition of bands.
However, a detailed analysis of the situation shows that a more specialized education should be provided in order to prepare the younger generation to become professional musicians in national or international symphony orchestras or to become a soloists. This enhancement would prepare the most gifted youngsters of the region to perform as international soloists.