The Brass Academy Alicante boasts a group of over 600 alumni. Originating from countries such as Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Malta, USA, and France.

The academy maintains a close relationship with many of them, fostering strong bonds that will endure, in some cases, a lifetime. Additionally, the academy takes great pride in the professional achievements of a vast majority of its alumni.

Membership Benefits:

  • Belonging to the “Alumni Club” allows for more intense engagement with the activities and updates of your alma mater.
  • With your membership fee, you also become a member of the “Brass Academy Alicante Cultural Club” (saving you €50).
  • You can participate as an observing student in the Masterclasses organized by the Academy.
  • You can attend classes of the current scholarship holders.

Annual Fee: €100 per year

What else could you do as an alum?

  • Extend a helping hand to current scholarship holders with advice.
  • Provide financial assistance, which will be allocated towards scholarships (similar to the one you received), unless you specify otherwise. In this case, you can donate any amount you choose with the reference: “HELP SCHOLARSHIPS BAA.”


Bank Transfer:

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