Ismael Cantos

In 2021, Ismael Cantos was awarded the position of tuba soloist with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra after his time as an academicist with the Bruckner Orchestra of Linz, where he began to specialize as an orchestra musician with Christian Penz (tuba soloist BOL). Previously, he completed his training at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Aragon (CSMA) by studying erasmus+ in Nuremberg with Stefan Tischler (BR soloist tuba), with whom he learned “German style.”
His orchestral experience began early working with prestigious young orchestras such as the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE), Mahler Academy and Joven Orquesta Europea (EUYO), under the direction of masters such as Daniel Harding, Christoph Eschenbach, Vasily Petrenko… At the same time, he developed his career as a soloist winning 2nd Prize at the IX Concert. International Tchaikovsky Tuba Competition of Moscow in 2017 and the 1st Prize at the Permanent Competition of Young Music of Spain in Madrid, 2017.
Currently, he combines his orchestral career at the OSM – Titular of the Teatro Real with teaching at the Centro Superior de Música “Progreso Musical” of Madrid, where he teaches Professional and Superior Degree of Tuba.